About Us

Simply Tutors is a dedicated Academic Support platform that connects students with exceptionally qualified tutors. We undergo a rigorous screening process to provide academic tutors who’ll meet our standard in trying to make academic support more accessible & affordable for students, in the form of private tutoring. This allows students to engage with the work on a more thorough basis and gives them an environment that finally allows them to comfortably ask questions that they do not understand.

How we operate:

We’ve developed a web application that connects our exceptionally qualified tutors; students who have recently completed the relevant course and achieved high results or senior students who have extensive knowledge of the relevant course through past tutoring, with students across most universities and colleges in the country. Students can pick a tutor from our pool of tutors and choose a time and place that is most convenient to them. The tutor is immediately sent an alert where they’ll approve the session. The student will then be required to pay for the lesson using the website. Simply tutors will ensure, at all times, that all our tutors will conduct lessons professionally and to the utmost benefit of the student.

Simply Tutors is a service by Excel@Uni:

Excel@Uni is a service provider that uses technology to provide students with additional support to graduate.